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The Elders of the Lake Jackson Church of Christ, 402 Center Way St, Lake Jackson TX 77566 review all donations and expenses of this mission work
 We only need three things for this mission to be successful
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5/27 -Disaster Assistance Mission-May has been a very busy month, on 4/28 I left Indiana for Mayflower AR to help with the tornado damage. Before I arrived there floods hit in the Florida Panhandle. I arrived at the Mayflower Church and got things setup and left some of our equipment and 5 of our experienced volunteers that has helped us many times stayed there in Mayflower while I headed to Pensacola. We setup at the Gateway Church of Christ and also worked with Gulf Breeze CoC. In just 3 weeks combined at both locations we served over 16,000 meals handed out many loads of supplies and help with cleanup and mucking of houses. When we finished in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze area, I took the Mobile Headquarters back to our home base at the Florida Bible Camp. Then headed back to Indiana to pickup our supply trailer then will head back to the camp stopping along the way in Blowing Green, KY and Nashville, TN to pick up the supplies and equipment that was used in Arkansas. So far not counting the trip back to our base camp I have log over 2500 miles.

Many thanks for all the prayers, volunteers and funds that made this possible. Also a very special thank you to James & Sara Goggans, Ed Krech and Bill & Lynn Retherford for staying in Arkansas and supervising the operation there so I could go to the flooding in FL..
-Disaster Assistance Mission-Update from Lilia's Place

 Hi Mike!
 The team has completed 19 of your first set of 20 homes and has started construction on number 20. Attached is a picture of one of the 7 completed houses last week. We were unable to visit the site of the other 6 homes due to heavy rains and flooding. Only motorcycles were able to get up the mountain where they were built. We will be going back next week to visit and will get pictures of those six homes. There are still more homes that need to be built on that list that we sent you earlier. If you would like to sponsor more, it certainly would be a blessing. This week the team is completing your house number 20 and then rebuilding the home economics building for the school we have adopted. The building was completely destroyed and it is used to teach many livelihood skills to the children. We ask for your prayers as rainy season begins. There are many families that are still without shelter and this weather could make it difficult to get them back into a home quickly. 

 Thanks so much for all you have done to help rebuild and restore lives after Typhoon Haiyan. You have been a beacon of hope to many families. Words aren't enough to express the gratitude for the love you have shown! 

 Attached to the back of the first house is the makeshift temporary shelter that the family had been living in for the last six months. It is typical of what many families are living in as they wait for their homes to be built.

 Thanks to everyone who sent prayers and funds to the Disaster Assistance Mission to help with this work. If you would like to help us continue donation information is on our website www.disasterassistancecoc.com
7/10 -Disaster Assistance Mission-Update from Edwin-(photo)Edwin and Roldan Inso evangelist/preacher of the church of Christ in Calbayog City. A fire burned 40 houses yesterday. Some of the families were members of the Church of Christ there. I saw personally how they felt of losing their houses and including their things. They are without clothes, foods, kitchen wares. Victims are now temporarily at the public school building. Please if you could help please do. I am now at the spot taking some photos and I made a talked to some people who are now suffering for food. Donation information at www.disasterassistancecoc.com Please share this with all your friends and take a copy to your church family. Thanks
7/11-Disaster Assistance Mission-Calbayog Fire-Update from Edwin-Blenda Inso- Just done with our relief distribution to all the fire victims, about 40 families received 5 kilos of rice, sardines and instant noodles. And some of them received also kitchen wares. What we did during the distribution, we get the names of every families, and brother Roldan Inso will do the follow-up. We gave them also fliers and gospel tracts. Giving of bibles to every family was also part of the plan during the distribution, but sad to say I went to all the books stores here in Calbayog City, but all of them are out of stock.
 Thank you brother Mike Baumgartner and thanks also to all who donated to the disaster assistance mission. May the Lord will bless you more...
7/16 Now Typhoon Rammasun is racing across the Philippines. NBC news reported this morning that so far 12 were dead. Trees are down on power lines and blocking roads and villages are flooded and houses are damaged. 
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